Training Programs

Our core program provides 48 hours of training, 2 days a week, for 3 hours each class. This 8 week program will take students through most of the training topics listed below...Read More

The short program provides 24 hours of training. This 4 week program will take students through hardware, terminology, diagnostics, desktop refurbishment and updates...Read More

One of our most popular models is after-school programing. We can adapt the training topics covered to achieve specific outcomes. This can be one-day a week or multiple days...Read More

Summer camps are a great way to explore technology. Our camps provide a number of different topics and different formats, with student engagement being our goal...Read More

Certification Trainings & Testings

Partnering with the Eastern Michigan University Testing Center, Digital Inclusion is able to offer a multitude of certification prep courses and certification testing. The trend toward demonstrating skills using IT certification is growing. Practice labs help your students build hands-on skills without the costly licensing fees or the expense of hardware investment.

Customizable Training Courses

Want technology training?

From the very beginning Digital Inclusion has prided itself on creating innovating and adaptive training programs for schools, agencies and community partners. Let us explore your needs and create solutions for your desired outcomes, all while keeping your budget in mind. Contact us to find out more.